Discount Club

Low Discount Prices for Camel Milk


Dr. Hinkle has been working with dairies here in the U.S. to improve their profit margin from the sale of camel milk as well as to reduce the cost of the milk for the consumer.


“In 2009 I started the camel dairy industry here in the U.S. with the sole purpose of making the milk available for its health benefits.  Unfortunately, as the camel milk industry has grown, the prices for the milk have risen instead of becoming more affordable.  This has created problems for the consumer as well as the dairies.  I have received emails and calls from the families of sick individuals who have sacrificed everything just to afford the milk for their loved ones.  The dairies are not content either.  Many dairies work with distributors who pay only a small fee for the milk and then advertise on the internet and charge sometimes 4-5 times the amount they paid the dairy for the milk.  They are making huge profits off of innocent families and honest dairies.  This cannot continue if the dairy industry is to grow here in the U.S.  Therefore, in order to try and help both the consumers and the dairies, I have started a discount camel milk referral service.  The goal of the referral service is twofold:

  1. To offer lower prices for the consumer
  2. To allow more of the sale of the camel milk products to go directly to the dairy”


For current discount prices and the name of a dairy, contact Dr. Hinkle:


Phone:  919-561-1545


Note:  Dr. Hinkle receives no financial profit from the dairies nor from the consumer for her efforts.  Dr. Hinkle is not involved in the sale, shipping or manufacture of camel milk.  The FDA prohibits the shipment of any raw milk products across state lines in the U.S.